About Us

Our story began with a simple pick up line, “Hey! I like your glasses!” This led to a date, which led to a relationship and then marriage.

Shortly after marriage, Bryce and I started talking about kids. We thought our family would grow naturally.  It did not happen so easily. After our fourth miscarriage, our doctor sat us down and told us we could have 13 more miscarriages before having our baby and suggested we go the IVF route.   My heart sank.

We had heard so much about kids needing a home in the foster care system. We knew we had love to give, so we decided to open up our homes.

As soon as we opened up our home, we went from no kids to four kids  in a matter of 10 quick months. One of which is our own biological son.   We hope to share our family  journey through this blog.

Our Whitehead Crew…

Meet Melina Whitehead

At pretty much any given time you kind find me either listening to music, dancing, or even singing. Music is what keeps me going throughout the day! I was raised in South Phoenix, by my loving parents! My father influenced my love for music heavily, by encouraging us to learn music!  I spent middle school and high school working in our family mariachi band as a violinist!

From the time I was a girl, I knew I wanted to be mom. I studied Early Childhood Education from Brigham Young University in hopes that I would be able to apply what I learned in the classroom in the home as well!  In more ways than I can count, I have used insights I gained from classroom experiences with my children.

Meet Bryce Whitehead
Bryce is always found wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt! This is mostly due to having spent 16 years as a swim instructor and coach! He has recently found a passion for the great outdoors, fishing.  He enjoys taking the kids out on his fishing adventures and has found tips in how to successfully catch cat-fish and trout. He is now challenging himself to catch bass!

Bryce is a very patient and loving husband and father.  We are just so grateful to have him. Whenever he comes home, the air is filled with excitement, as we all listen to his stories of his day or as he prepares our family for a new escapade.

Meet Elijah

Elijah is one very active boy! He is often found walking our family dog Tamale.  He enjoys all sports, but his favorite is soccer. He loves reading comic books and playing with cars. He has recently been enjoying being in the kitchen cooking! Some of his favorites to make includes soups, pasta, eggs,  sausages, cookies, and cupcakes!

He is admired by all his siblings, and has the skill of being able to make each one laugh and smile!

Depending on his mood Elijah would like to one day become a police officer, comic book author,  or even a truck driver.

Meet Isabel

Isabel is an artsy girlie girl! She loves creating and making things, whether it is bracelets, puppets, drawings, paintings, and art projects. Isabel loves singing and dancing and often calls for a family dance party.  Isabel enjoys being a momma’s assistant.  She foresees what is needed to help things run smoothly whether it be grabbing diaper rash cream  during a diaper change or stirring the food while I run to take  care of a crying baby. She sure makes a wonderful assistant!

Isabel loves playing with her siblings. We joke that she is the baby whisperer, as she enjoys singing and rocking baby Brycen to sleep.

Isabel would like to one day become a teacher.

Meet RuthyRuthy

Ruthy is our rambunctious one year old! She is often found climbing and moving furniture around. She is also the one found behind something unexpectedly being turned on or off.  She enjoys watching Elmo’s world with papa and  dancing.

Ruthy has the most contagious smile and laughter.  Ruthy enjoys taking risks in her climbing adventures, but is very cautious when it comes to walking and crawling  outside in sand or grass.  Ruthy likes things done her own way, and does not like being told no.

She is completely a daddy’s girl and has stolen all of our hearts.


Meet BrycenIMG_1432

Brycen is often found studying meticulously new toys and objects with his hands and mouth!   He can keep himself entertained for quite some time in his studies.

He loves following around his sister Ruthy and together getting into mischief! He enjoys pulling himself to stand on all objects, including on momma’s legs while she is cooking. He enjoys making dinosaur noises as he squeals with excitement.

He is our calm, peaceful child.



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