5 Major Differences I have Noticed since Meal Planning

I have been told that taking gluten out of your diet can help people with ADHD. Having two members in my family with it, I decided it was time to make a change to our diets. The first week we started was a total bust, I had not really prepared for it. So at the end of the week, I came up with the idea to meal plan. You can read my post New Year’s Resolution Check in here to see how I put a simple (very doable) meal plan together for the week.  On Saturday, I went to the store and gathered all the ingredients and groceries I needed for the week.

Ruthy and I got to go shopping alone. I not only shop at the grocery store, but also at the 99 Cent Store too!

I have to say I love meal planning and I even love that it is on my blog. I have it with me everywhere I go.  Did I follow meal plan, day by day. I have to admit no.  I found myself switching dinner meals around to days I thought would be more convenient and I am okay with that! Plans can change.

So if you have glanced at my meal plan for last week, you will notice breakfast and lunch basically stayed the same all week-long.  I did this to make life simple for me. I am a mom on the go, and those meals I barely have time to get in. I knew that I could not dedicate a lot of time to preparing those meals. Dinner is different. We eat dinner as a family every night, so I like dedicated a little more time on these meals. I always tell my loved ones that  the meals are prepared with love and my older kids always love whatever I make them. I know I am one lucky mom. This being said, I think I want to find more variety for our breakfast and lunch. My husband even said we should do something other than cereal every morning. So for next week, I am going back to the drawing board to find easy, healthy meals that my family will enjoy!

The kids loved trying new meals. I have to admit that I have been stuck in a rut making the same meals each week in rotation!

This being the first week I meal planned, I am completely shocked with the results. I have to highlight five differences I noticed in meal planning.

5 Differences I have Noticed since Meal Planning

  •  I spent less on groceries and meals this week than I have in the past.  This truly shocked me. This just goes to show that you are more likely to buy things you do need when you do not have a plan.  In the past, I would spend more money;  yet felt like I had nothing to make for dinner. This lead to eating out more often.  Eating out just eats at your pocket change and there is not a lot of healthy fast food choices to pick from.
  • Meal planning took a load off my shoulders. Feeding a family of six can be stressful. Especially when you have little ones begging for attention while you are trying to prepare a meal.  Honestly I did not even know how much stress I was feeling about it, until this week when I noticed the absence of it. I had a plan,  and all the ingredients I needed beforehand to follow through with it! I did not have to worry about what to make. What a relief!
  • I no longer felt bloated.  This is another thing I had no idea I was experiencing until it was gone. Being bloated, was normal for me.  Try not to judge me here.  So here is something I actually discovered about myself. I guess I use to eat heavy meals often. Gluten is a filler and it would definitely fill me. I was actually used to feeling full after a meal. Omitting gluten from my diet, stopped this feeling.  I have to admit this was strange for me and I was not sure I liked it. The first couple of days I actually would mistake  this feeling for hunger. Not the case, I  just was not bloated.  Crazy right!

    She is not yet two, but boy how this sweet girl can throw tantrums!
  • More energy. Let me just tell you, once I stopped feeling bloated I started to have more energy. I no longer felt heavy, but light. A strange feeling for sure for me.  I love having more energy for my family. I was actually in a better mood this week as well. Win for the family.

    I have more energy for more play dates and exercising with other moms!
  • More Confident – I am feeling pretty good about myself. I feel empowered and ready for anything that comes my way. This week, I feel less overwhelmed than I have in a while. Bryce and I watched a documentary not long ago that mentioned that an unhealthy diet leads to depression, and I have to agree. Feeding your body food that is difficult to digest, takes your energy. Do you ever feel tired after a meal? This is why, you are more than likely bloated and feeling heavy.  I am by no means a nutritionist, I just know what I feel which is energized!

These points being said, I have to emphasize that everybody is different. I have heard if you are a major soda drinker, taking that out of diet makes a huge difference. Make a change in your diet and I pretty much guarantee you will notice a difference.  Hopefully a positive change in your health.  The best part of meal planning is that you are the one that gets to come up with the meals. Consult your doctor before making any major diet changes.  We only really made one major diet change which is taking gluten out of diet. I think what is making a huge difference to helping us eat right, is meal planning. I use Pinterest to find meals and let me tell you, these recipes do not disappoint! Of course mine do not at all look like the examples, but they taste good enough for my family!

Brycen loves eating Healthy!

Stay tuned for my meal plan for this next week!

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