Oh What a Day & 3 Tips to Keep You Going

No more vacation! Not that we went anywhere, but all our regular appointments were canceled for the holidays. Our schedule has been very flexible, I forgot what our regular schedule felt like.  The kids went back to school today, so our complete Monday schedule was back in full swing.

The day began at 6am when I woke my children up for school (during the break we normally got up at 8:30am).  I got my scripture study in while my kids ate breakfast. As I ended my scripture study, I  looked down at my floors and decided they desperately needed to be cleaned. So while my kids got dressed and ready for the day, I decided to sweep and mop my floors! Now was the time to do it, since the babies were sound asleep. Considering that everything other than the rooms are tile, this was not a light task.  Somehow cleaning the tiles, inspired me to clean my bathrooms. I was on a roll and there was no stopping me.

I took this picture as I sent my kids off to the bus! They were excited about their new lunch boxes they got for Christmas from their Tia!

I sent the kids to the bus stop and kept going on my cleaning quest. This also included 2 loads of laundry.  I could have easily gotten lost in my cleaning frenzy, but I got a text message from my sister about our plans to go to the zoo. Of course, I still wanted to go. I had invited one of my friends from the neighborhood and walking buddy to come along.

I love getting together with other moms! Picture of our mom squad at the Zoo!

At 8:40 am, I picked up my friend and her babies to meet my sister at the zoo! We had such a great time at the zoo, walking around showing our kids the animals and chatting away together! I always call play dates, mom dates. I cannot express enough how important socialization is, not just for our kids, but we as moms need it too!

We took pictures at the entrance on our way out!

We said goodbye to our friends and arrived back home just after noon. I got the babies to nap, ate lunch, and put away laundry.

At about 1:20pm I left to pick up Elijah from school to take him to therapy at 2. We arrived back at home at 3:30. At 4pm I took Elijah to art class. While he was in art, Ruthy and I headed to the 99 Cent Store to find deals. This mom is all about the deals. We picked up Elijah at 6pm, and where back home by 6:30.

I had originally planned a crock-pot meal for the night, see my meal plan for the week here, but I forgot to get it ready. No worries, I just switched days and did my Gluten Free Alfredo Basil Tomato Shrimp Pasta. Dinner was ready at 7:15pm and my older kids were in bed by 8pm.

Tonight’s dinner, Gluten Free Alfredo Basil Tomato Shrimp Pasta!

The day I described above is a very typical day for our family, but not during breaks.  I am just exhausted. The account above does not even include the countless baby meltdowns we had, or the fact that my freshly clean floor has already been graced with milk, apple juice, and water spills or the food thrown down to the floor! Oh what a day, are my thoughts about the day! I did however gain some takeaways!

Takeaways from a long, very filled day:

  1. It is okay to not do everything. I think I might have gotten carried away in cleaning and tidying my house and in hindsight it drained me. I could have just stuck to cleaning the floors, and having enough time to get myself and the babies ready. I altogether skipped breakfast, which could have provided the extra energy I needed for the day.  I think that I just need to accept the fact that it is okay to have a lived in house… meaning a house that shouts out that there is a family of six that occupies it! It is not a model home and that’s okay.  Believe me, it gets cleaned regularly, but four kids and a dog happens regularly as well.
  2. Plans can change. I was so disappointed in myself that I got carried away cleaning and tidying that I ran out of time to prepare our crock-pot meal. Which, might I add, would have been perfect for a day like today. In past Mondays, due to being so busy, I would normally have Bryce pick up dinner. In our pursuits to eat healthier and save money, I am really trying to avoid eating out. Although our dinner plans changed, I was happy that I had made a meal plan for the week and could easily switch today’s meal for another meal.  Problem solved.
  3. Take a variety of snacks.  I keep waiting for life to slow down, and it actually never really does. But who would want it to right? Today reminded me of how I would swing by drive-thrus when I was at a lost of time, and had hungry mouths to feed including my own.  Having snacks at hand can keep everyone going a little longer, if needed. Having healthy snacks ready can also help avoid fast food and otherwise unhealthy choices.

What are your tips that keep you going on your long days?  Comment below. I would love to hear them!

Watch our vlog below to see how Ruthy and Brycen react to meeting goats!

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