Favorite New Years Traditions

It is funny how traditions trickle from one generation to the next. My parents each have separate New Year’s traditions that I have always loved. I remember doing them as a child, and now I like teaching them and doing them with my own children. People talk a lot about Christmas traditions, but what about New Year’s traditions?

Poor Bryce, married into a family with the strangest family traditions. Lucky for me, he just goes with the flow. Even though they may not make very much sense to him.

The following are a few of my family’s New Year’s traditions:

  1. Wear brand new clothes on New Year’s day.  This tradition I have had a hard time keeping up with, but I love watching my parents buy new clothes and showing off their new outfits on New Year’s Day! This tradition is to help you look clean and put together all year long.

    New Year, New look! Isabel knows the deal! Just kidding, but I do love her fashion sense!
  2.  Eat 12 Grapes –  This is a tradition in Spain, my mom wanted to celebrate. You eat one grape for each stroke at midnight to give you 12 months of good luck!
  3. New Years Toast – We like to toast to new beginnings  and wish well to all our loved ones. We also use toasts to celebrate the year we are leaving behind.
  4. Put money on the windowsill – This brings good fortune to your family all year round. We also hope it brings us fortune to do a little extra things for fun in 2018!

    I am hoping for great fortune for our family this coming year! Steady jobs and prosperity!
  5. Clean House – This tradition is said to help get your businesses in order for the new year. We spent the last month cleaning out our house and organizing closets to make sure we were ready for order in the new year! A clean house = a happy family!

    Everyone helps get the house in order! Even Brycen does his part!
  6.  Walking around the neighborhood with luggage – This tradition  is said to bring your family adventure with traveling in the new year. Last year we did this, and we were able to fly to Indiana as a family for my brother’s graduation! In addition, we went to New Port Beach, Pine-top, and several weekend family getaways. Who knows where we will go this year!

    We are hoping to do a lot more traveling in 2018! We would love to dip our feet into travel blogging!
  7. Wear yellow underpants –  This brings good luck all year round.
  8. Eat fish – Fish cannot swim backwards, all they do is move forward.
    I definitely want to keep moving forward and never look back with regret! 2017 was a beautiful year. Now we are ready for 2018 and all the beautiful experiences we will enjoy!

    I hope you enjoy these fun New Year’s traditions! What are some you do?

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  1. Kim says:

    Those are fantastic! We don’t do anything. I’m hoping you’ll be able to travel to my part of town! Plus we have a whole basement just ready to house you! 😉

    1. Melina says:

      Oh I would love that! I would love to show my kids where I went to school! I have not been back since graduating in 2011! It has been a long time!

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