Five New Year’s Resolutions to Make My Mom Life Easier

Currently I am sitting in the living room, which is lit up by candle light and flashlights. Our power has gone out in our home and throughout our neighborhood. Neighbors do not know the reason for the power outage, and yes my husband is eagerly searching for the reason. Luckily all four kids are tucked soundly in their beds.

I guess with New Year’s Day two days away, this current year’s list of natural disasters, and yes this power outage (no sign with it coming back up at all) … I have New Year goals or resolutions on my mind.

In the past, I have loved coming up with New Year resolutions. I normally do four goals for the year:
1. Spiritual
2. Physical
3. Intellectual
4. Family

Last year, I was so overwhelmed as a brand spanking new mom that I think my only goal was to keep everyone alive and not go crazy. I think a pretty solid goal for a  new mom of four kids ages 8, 6, and two under one.

Ruthy was and still can be a little extra clingy when Brycen is on my lap! She likes to push him out-of-the-way, so she gets all the lap!
Ruthy was 8 months old when Brycen was born!

I get overwhelmed if there are an abundant amount of goals, especially if they are detailed. I like to make sure my goals strengthen my character and help me become a better person. A challenge, but still achievable. This year I think I will continue this habit.
I will make my goals public, for the main purpose of holding myself accountable. I will even post my progress of my goals throughout the year.

Spiritual Goal
I already admitted that my only goal last year was to keep everyone alive. We accomplished this, i think with flying colors! Woo hoo, yes I met my goal! Now that we made it out of survival mode, I would like to add back into my life daily personal scripture study. I am not even talking about anything fancy. Just a couple of verses a day and a few minutes of reflection. In the past, when I was able to carry out this, my life was filled with so much peace. I truly believe if I could study and ponder the scriptures daily, I would be a better mother and wife. Perhaps more patient. Scripture study is my way of meditating and drawing closer to my Heavenly Father.

I have gone back and forth of when I would like to add my daily personal study. Whether in the morning, or right before going to bed. I think right now I am leaning towards first thing in the morning. I get up with the kids for school every morning at 6am. I can study while the kids are eating breakfast. I think this could help set the tone for the day.

Physical Goal
Now yes, I am still holding on to some extra baby weight that of course I want to get off, but having a goal to be skinny has never quite motivated me in the past. My goal is to live a healthy and happy life and I know that I need to take care of my body to do so.

If you have read my post Tips to Getting an IEP or 504 Plan, you know our whole family is making a switch in our diet. Our big family diet changes are to cut dyes from foods and avoid gluten. I think this diet change will help us all in our family. Dyes in food, especially red increase hyperactivity. Gluten carries protein in the wheat that irritate the gut. I will report changes in behavior in all family members in correspondence with the changes to our diet. This is our family goal.

My walking crew! We enjoy our mom time together!

My personal physical goal is to be more active. Luckily, I have two other mom friends in the neighborhood who want to work on this goal with me. We aim to go on long walks with the kids, three times a week and include some work out videos into our weekly regimen. Having other moms to do this with, makes this goal something I look forward to. Double win, mom time and this helps me get out of the house. Read my post Survival Guide to the New Stay at Home Mom, to learn the importance of getting out of the house and getting mom time. In addition, to help stay active I can jump on our trampoline, go to the park with kids and play, and have more random dance parties in our home. Isabel and Ruthy are big fans of these dance parties.

Intellectual Goal

Learn how to code. Frankly I am not tech savvy, which has proven a bit of hindrance in blogging. It is amazing what you can do to customize a blog, but I am at a total lost. This year I want to understand coding and apply it to my blog. Times have changed from the time I was growing up, which I feel like was not to long ago. Honestly, I feel like there is a whole new world online.  Technology is changing our world, and coding is a major factor to it. I feel like all businesses need to have their foot into this tech world, even if they are a cozy book shop,  to grow their business.

Starting my blog, I realized just how important coding is because it can help me personalize  my site.  Do not get me wrong, I am very proud of what I have accomplished, but I look forward to applying what I learn to enhance my blog.

Family Goal

Grow closer to each member of my family. You can read the struggles in becoming an adoptive mom in Confessions of an Adoptive Mom.  I want to hug, cuddle, and serve each member in my family more, including my husband and each of my children. I want them to know individually that I love them dearly. I have stated it before, this past year was overwhelming. We all survived it.  I want our family to be more than just surviving, but thriving. My family goal is simple just to hug, cuddle, and serve each member in my family.

Snuggle time! I want to be in these snuggles!

****** Extra Goal – Emergency Preparation Goal *******

Normally I only stick to four goals a year, but as stated earlier the power went out. It is back on now, but it was out for an hour and a half. Not very long at all, but it got me thinking. Would our family be okay if it was off for days? I have worked on getting a food supply built, our family practices fire drills, and we have practiced safe locations with our kids. Last night when the power went out, reminded me that I need to get 72 hour kits ready for our family and be more prepared for emergencies.  Can you believe I could only find two candles? Do not worry, we had flashlights and lanterns, but probably not enough batteries to keep us with light for a week.  My goal is get our family more prepared for the unexpected emergencies, starting with working on our 72 hour kits for our family. I will share with you in later posts how we get these put together and what else we do to get our family ready for emergencies.

Final thoughts

Well I am feeling good about my five goals! These goals have me excited for 2018 and what it will bring! What are some goals you are working on? How do you guys come up with New Year Resolutions? I would love to hear about it!

Remember to stay safe New Years Eve. If you drink, plan on taking an alternative method of transportation home.

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  1. Shanelle says:

    Love your goals, Meli ❤️

    1. Melina says:

      Thanks Shanelle! 2“““` Brycen helped me reply to you message! Can you tell?

  2. Christy says:

    Love these goals and after our crazy fire season and evacuations here in CA I’m right there with you on emergency preparedness!

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