Maternally Challenged Book Review and Giveaway

Recently I came across a great quick read called Maternally Challenged: How My Special Needs Son Taught Me To Sack Up and Laugh,  written by Kathy Chlan. I enjoyed reading about Kathy’s perspective of motherhood.  I mean how many of us mothers, or parents for that matter, feel challenged when it comes to our role as a parental figure? If you have read more than one post on this blog, you can easily see that I myself , can be maternally challenged.


Back Cover Blurb

Moms, if you think your life is going to be perfect, I’ve got news: It’s not happening.

This book details the many curveballs life has thrown my way. It’s where I embrace the mistakes I’ve made (and hope you don’t judge me too much). As a mother of two with special needs son, I know what it’s like to have a family that does not fit the mold – and I love it. My kids are gifts that keep on giving.

I’m tipping a hat to my journalism past and sharing my family’s crazy stories to help other moms realize that life isn’t so bad. If you had a terrible day and screamed at your kid, big deal. Here you’ll find inspiration for moms who aren’t sure about what they’re doing. (And don’t worry, there are a lot of us.) I’ve realized that dysfunction is at its best when family’s concerned, and believe me, mine is no exception.

We’ve all got adversities in life. My response? Laugh through it.

My Opinion

This book was right up my alley.  Looking at Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, you get the perfect glimpses into your friends and family lives.  Which of course need to be celebrated, but sometimes when you are going through difficult times, it is nice to know that you are not alone.  I could relate to most of the experiences Kathy was sharing. She shared her challenges with feeding her son, and getting him to sleep.  It would take her four hours to feed her son half an ounce of formula and he did a lot of vomiting with that. Kathy also had to take her son to multiple pediatricians and specialists to get the right diagnoses and help he needed. By the age of two, her son was diagnosed with developmental and learning disabilities.

Although our experience was very different,  before my son had his tongue-tied procedure, he was unable to eat. He was never satisfied, and would wake up every 40 minutes hungry.  My husband slept on the couch in the living room.  My son’s first few months of life, was anything but ideal. Would I change it, probably not! I learned so much during that time. The only thing I wish I could add is Kathy’s motto, “Laugh through it!” I did a lot more crying during this time.

I might have been a little scared of my son when he was born. It took us awhile to get used to one another. The tongue-tied procedure helped!
I do not know how my husband did it, but he has slept many nights on this couch!

This book was a nice reminder that motherhood is not meant to be perfect. Kids get messy and do things we cannot control… if only we could. Each child comes to Earth completely different, we as parents just need to help them navigate the world they came into.

Through Personal Accounts in Maternally Challenged, Kath Clan touches on the following topics:

  • Steps you can take when life throws you a series of unexpected curve balls
  • How to stop dwelling on your mistakes and find time to appreciate life’s little victories
  • How to teach your special needs child that using disability as a crutch is never an option
  • How to put terrible days and tantrums into greater perspective

Who Would Enjoy this Book?

I would recommend this book to expecting moms, new moms, struggling moms… okay really all moms. I am sure you could relate to Kathy in at least one way or another.

Enjoying Maternally Challenged, with some Christmas goodies our neighbors dropped off!

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