Adoption Day

The day of adoption, I awoke with the same feelings I did on my wedding day. My heart was bursting with joy, but the stress of wanting things to go well lingered in the air. Probably more so today than the day of my wedding, because I wanted it to be special for my own children.

The night before, I barely slept. I awoke at 5am to feed Brycen and put him back to sleep. At 6am, I woke up Isabel and Elijah to get ready for school.  I am not the mom that makes a hot breakfast for my kids every morning. My kids know that those only happen on special days. Today was definitely a day to celebrate and make a special breakfast so I made eggs, pumpkin pancakes, and fresh fruit.  Even the babies loved this breakfast. Bryce, who is normally not a pumpkin fan,  enjoyed the pancakes!

I might have overbooked myself on this day. In the morning, I made a very brief appearance at a baby shower for a friend and took the babies to swim lessons.  Bryce picked up the kids from school around noon and we all met at home to get ready.  For some reason though, I found myself putting away laundry and doing other household chores. Why, again I think I just wanted things to be perfect.

The girls wore matching cream, knit dresses. I curled Isabel’s hair and placed a headband in her hair. I had to strategically place Ruthy’s bow in her hair, so she would not remove it. Without me giving him much direction, Elijah dressed and brushed his own hair (this rarely happens). I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. He looked so grown up in his slacks, vest, and royal blue bow tie.

We headed to the court shortly after one, our hearing started at 2pm. We wanted to be early just in case we ran into any traffic, or forgot something. I thought we would for sure be the first ones there, but my parents were there waiting for us. This was a huge surprise, because they are normally late. Shortly after my sister-in-law arrived, followed by my mother and brother-in-law. The last to arrive was my sister and her family!

While we waited Elijah and Brycen played with their uncle on his phone. I am so grateful they could be entertained quietly. We were told to wait quietly, for there were other hearings taking place. Ruthy played with her Abuelo, taking her bow off often. Isabel played with her little cousin excitedly.

During the waiting period, Bryce and I met up with our lawyer and signed the list of paperwork. We verified the kids names, which were really finalized the night before.

Note to other adoptive parents, I would take a binder to keep all that important paperwork given to you! For us, it was quite a bit. I guess we did adopt three children!

Finally our family was called in. My heart started to race. I hope I can talk and answer the questions! Our judge was kindest judge. My niece wanted to sit next to Isabel, and began to throw a fit. My brother-in-law escorted her out, as to not make a scene. Our judge noticed, and said to bring them back in. For some reason, his act of kindness calmed me a little more.

My husband and I were sworn in and it was my turn to answer questions. These were really simple questions like state your name and birth date.  When asked to state our home address, I briefly forgot our zip code. However, I did make it through it!

Bryce was then questioned. His questions were like do you agree with the answers your wife gave.  For some reason, this makes me giggle a bit!

After our adoption case manager was questioned, it was done! Our judge asked if we wanted to take pictures. Elijah thought is was cool that he even helped fix his bow tie, so he looked good for pictures! We posed with the judge and our family, and I cannot even begin to describe how relieved I felt.

We took more pictures outside and thanked our family members for joining us. The majority of them took off work to support our family!

My parents, knowing that I had not been able to eat that day (nerves, anxiousness) took our family out to Chick-fil-A. I guess once a parent, always a parent.

Once home, Bryce wanted to take the kids out fishing. The kids, however, wanted to play outside. So he went by himself.

I sat for a moment and then realized, Elijah had pack meeting tonight. As tired as I was, I packed up the kids and we headed to pack meeting. There Elijah received his Bobcat award and the kids take part in a carnival that was set up.

We only stayed for a few games, this mama was exhausted! I think so were the kids. We made it home and again the kids got ready for bed without complaining. This time, because they were ready for bed.

Whew what a day! I feel like this post is for me. Just to remember the details of the day.

I find it funny how almost immediately after the kids adoption, walls have been broken. They feel like ours now.  It is almost like the kids feel like we are theirs. Elijah immediately starting talking more about his past, which he has never really done before. It is almost like he is able to relax a bit too.

I can never really comprehend the emotional strain that my children have had to endure. My kids are finally home, and let me share with you it shines in their countenance.

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  1. Ahhhh, it has been such a long journey for you and Bryce. Some days I would watch you and my heart would just break inside. I am so happy that you have your beautiful family. It was meant to be. XOXO

    1. Melina says:

      Thank you Lisa! It has been a crazy journey thus far! Never would I imagine that we would grow our family in the way that we did and as quickly as we did! Thank you for your support! Isabel still sleeps in the ASU pajamas you gave her!

  2. Lisa says:

    Because Isabel has great taste;-) LOL

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