Brycen’s Birth Story


January 18, 2017 I had to be in court for our kids by 8:30am. I sent the kids to school and dropped off Ruthy with my sister and brother in law and headed to court. The court hearing went by so fast. To be truthful I was 5 minutes late and it was over by the time I got there. Our case manager found me and told me our kids case plan had changed to severance and adoption. She then asked if she could walk me to my car, because she thought I was in labor.

What? Of course I let her walk me to my car, but I felt fine. I was due in a couple of days so my belly sure looked like it was going to burst! I thought that was what she was talking about.

I get into my car and started to drive. I suddenly felt like I needed to go to the bathroom, so I thought I will stop by the store, because I knew I needed to pick up a few things for dinner anyway.  I called my sister to let her know I would be stopping by the store before picking up Ruthy. While on the phone I had an accident, at least I thought. Except it would not stop. I told my sister and she told me to head to the hospital. I had broke my water.

I called Bryce and he headed to the hospital. I get to the hospital and I regret that I never went to tour the hospital. I did not know what to do or where to go. I went to Valet just to ask where to park. The Valet guy was so sweet. He ran in and got someone to bring out a wheelchair and take me to where I needed to go and he offered to park the car. I warned him that my water broke while driving! He still took the car, my hero.

I get inside and begin the check in process. They had a hard time locating me. For some reason we were listed under my husband. They than run a test to see if it really was my water that broke… remember I thought I peed in my pants! Yup water was broken. They asked if I was having contractions, I had no clue. All I felt was constant back pain. They hooked me up to a monitor and the nurse was kind enough to let me know when I was feeling a contraction. Really all I felt were light tightening of my abs and lower back pains.

I was also checked to see how dilated I was. I was only one and half centimeters dilated. To be honest, I had not made any progress from my last OBGYN appointment from the day before.   I continued my labor naturally for an additional 8 hours with no progress at all.

My doctor came in and asked if I wanted Pitocin to help kick start labor.  I agreed! As soon as I started the pitocin the contractions became more intense. VERY intense!  In top of it all. Every time I had a contraction, I would feel like my water broke again. I was incredibly uncomfortable. I went about 5 more hours with sharp, painful contractions . I was only 3 centimeters dilated. UGH!!! I thought because my water broke, my labor would be quick. Nope, not true.  I gave up and asked for the epidural.

Once I got the epidural, I felt like I could relax. I couldn’t even feel the leakage anymore.   I slept for maybe a couple of hours and was awaken to be checked. It was about 5:15am.   Remember how my water broke, I was not checked often to prevent infection.  I was dilated to a 6.  Than I heard the words, “I think I need a second opinion.”

My heart sank. What could be wrong? Why would a second opinion be needed? Panic.

Within a few minutes a crew of people came into my room with ultrasound equipment.  I was told my son had flipped and was breech.  I was told my son needed to come out now and that my OBGYN was on his way and I needed to be prepped.

So many emotions flooded my mind. Fear.  It was hard to picture bringing home a baby, but I did imagine delivery. Not sure that makes sense. Never had I imagined cesarean, especially since i already had three kids at home. Hearing those words that I needed one, was hard to process. Honestly I was not given that much time to process, before I knew it my son was born!

He was born with a healthy set of lungs, boy could the boy scream. My doctor held him up over the screen and said, ” Here is your baby boy. Who do you think he looks like”

There was our boy. His face looked a little swollen and I was more in shock that I was looking at a perfect, healthy baby boy. Bryce and I shrugged and said we did not know. Our doctor immediately said our son looked like Bryce.

They placed him on my chest, all the feelings of fear I had were immediately replaced with joy and happiness.  I was shocked with how my son had such a strong connection with me. I gazed into his eyes, kissed his little nose, counted his fingers and toes and was filled with an overwhelmingly sense of love for this little one.



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