One Hour Notice

Slowly, Isabel started to open up. She began to feel more comfortable in asking questions and making connections.  At the time, my sister was in her third trimester of pregnancy. One day after coming back from visiting with my sister’s family, Isabel made the comment that her mom was fat like my sister.  I began to wonder if her mother was pregnant, but honestly did not think much about it.

The week before, I had just finished the school year teaching kindergarten.  On this particular day, I woke up and thought to myself I really need to pray about Isabel’s unborn sibling. No one had approached me about this baby, so I found it odd that I felt the need to pray for this baby.   I even called Bryce and asked him how he felt about taking on this baby if asked .  He replied he did not know, but would trust my decision. Later on that afternoon as I was getting ready to go to Isabel’s preschool graduation, I received a call. Will you be willing to accept the newborn sibling of Isabel? We know that you are transitioning with her brother and are wondering if you would be willing to take on their baby sister? She is beautiful with a head full of hair. I began to shake, but I already knew the answer.

Great she will be delivered to your house within the hour. Um hold on. I am on my way out the door, can I pick her up after Isabel’s preschool graduation I am on my way to?

No, we need to have her placed now. We will have her to you within the hour.

Ah panic mode kicks in. We had a crib, car seat,  a stroller, and a diaper bag. Nothing else!  I need to get to Isabel’s graduation.

Side note- I was out the door leaving an hour early, because I wanted to help out. Parents  were allowed to arrive at that time.

I run to the store, shaking. I called a friend who was also a foster parent and asked her what type of formula or supplies to buy. She told me what to get and I grabbed everything that was suggested. Similac advanced formula, three different bottles, diapers, wipes, and a couple of onesies.  I phoned me mom and caught her up and begged her to head to Isabel’s school to be at her graduation in case I run late.

I head back home. Take out the car seat. Prepared the diaper bag and then a knock on the door.  The case worker asked me to verify if the information on the notice to provider was correct and to sign it. She took this perfect little baby out of the car seat and placed her in my arms and left. Wait, that is it. No instructions. She trusts me, I have never had a baby!

Thoughts kept flooding my mind and then I looked down at this sweet, little baby. Oh I cried, she was pure perfection. I have to be honest, I was also very scared to hold her. But I did not have to much time to second guess myself. I had to get this sweet little thing in her care seat and take her to her sister’s graduation.

I know what you are thinking. You took a two day old to a preschool graduation?

Yes, yes I did.


I also had a very fragile little five year old I needed to think of.  I knew she needed me to be there.  This little girl was trying to learn how to trust and I promised her I would be there.

I got there just in time, which is great because my parents got lost… another story. I sat in the back trembling.  I took out my camera and tried to take pictures. I kid you not, each picture turned out completely blurred.

We took these sweet  girls home. My parents followed me home, and my sister and brother in law met us at our home. My parents helped move the crib into my room. My sister brought over much needed baby supplies. Burp rags, receiving blankets, outfits, diaper changing pad, and so forth.

Finally Bryce arrived home after work. He held Ruthy. She was so tiny she fit in his hand.  Little did he know this baby girl would have him wrapped around her little fingers and around all of our hearts.


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