A Knock On The Door

An hour after our license had been open, we started receiving calls for little girls. We were licensed for one girl, in the 3-6 age range.  We accepted each one and with each one waited. The first two never showed up. Which is a good thing. It means they found a family member, or family friend to take the child. Being taken from a home is traumatic enough, without going to a complete strangers home.  On the third day, we received the call that changed our lives.  The call came in as I was dismissing my class at the end of the school day. It was about 2:30pm. Would you be willing to accept a five-year old girl as a placement?   Of course!

While we were waiting, we called around for preschools with openings. I sent Bryce to the store to make sure we had underwear for her. I set out fresh pajamas for her to wear. Then we waited and waited.  Will this placement show up?

It was close to 9pm when we heard a knock on the door.  Bryce and I both opened the door.  Head down, long brown  pig tails, white long-sleeved t-shirt, shorts, and black furry boots that were obviously a couple of sizes to big.  The only thing she came with was a lime green string bag, enclosed with a soiled pair of boys clothes.  She walked in very timidly. Bryce and Nacho (our dog), stayed to help her feel comfortable.   I had to go with the case worker and sign my notice to provider (a form needed to enroll a foster child in school and take to medical appointments) and she soon left.

Isabel was so quiet. She rarely looked up at us. Bryce tried to turn on the TV to help her feel comfortable, while I attempted to offer her all sorts of snacks. She finally looked up at both of us and asked if she could go to bed. Poor thing was overwhelmed.

I helped her get dressed, brush her teeth, and she soon fell asleep.

Bryce and I were smitten from the moment we laid eyes on her. As she slept, we went on and on about how perfect and sweet she was. Bryce even made the comment to phone our agency and say we wanted to keep her. Foster care does not work like that.

This little girl made us parents. Little did we know when we accepted her placement, the blessings she would bring into our family.


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